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9 creative tips to renovate your old kitchen!

Updated: Mar 1

If your kitchen was made a decade ago, or your Kitchen cabinet, countertop, lamination or linoleum has already seen its best days, maybe it's time to find the Best Interior Designers to modernize your Kitchen or Need of modern Kitchen?

The use of all new ideas on the market, as well as the correct selection of colors, high-quality installation of modern technology and the use of innovative materials - this is the key to a successful modernization. If you are planning to sell your home or stay in it for a long time, use these 9 simple and creative tips to transform your kitchen and breathe new life into it.

1. Replace your old materials with modern innovative Materials

As new innovative materials and Interior Designs are being introduced now and we see no reason not to use them. You can try updating your kitchen with UV and steel cabinets, Matte and Glass finishes brushed aluminum, nickel or copper, for example by adding them to lamps, hoods, cabinets, and other important elements.

2. Install new wood or resilient flooring

The floor is one of those areas of the kitchen that is often forgotten, while it is its main and one of the most important parts. You might think you won't notice much of a difference between your current linoleum and wood, tile, or stone. However, these materials are more durable and will add value to your home. In recent years, ceramic tiles that look just like wood have become quite popular, as well as travertine and slate.

3. Upgrade your countertop

The countertop is another of the items that occupy the center of the kitchen. The types of countertop surfaces are almost endless, ranging from concrete to special combinations of marble, granite and other types of natural stone. Designers have developed many variations over the years, so you can choose from this huge variety of countertops to fit perfectly into your new kitchen.

4. Upgrade your seating

Your kitchen is probably the liveliest part of your home. You can often hear that the kitchen is called the heart of the house, because of the active movement on it. It is worth considering making the living room a separate room for receiving guests, rather than setting up a dining room there, leaving it to the kitchen. In this case, it is worth taking care of the required number of seats. Whether you choose wooden small chairs, bar stools, banquet chairs, or a bench in the corner, it doesn't matter, it will refresh your kitchen anyway. The main thing is for you and your guests to sit comfortably on the new chairs.

5. Replace your equipment with energy efficient

Let's face it - we are at the beginning of the path to saving resources and your kitchen is just the right place to be the beginning of this path. Energy efficient appliances should replace your old appliances in order to bring modernity to the house, as well as obvious benefits, such as saving energy, water, which will have a positive effect, in the future, on the family budget. Think the same about replacing the faucet, modern technology allows you to install a faucet with "contactless" temperature control sensors and built-in water saving systems. Refreshing your kitchen should not only bring a refreshed look to your home, but also help to save money and resources on Earth.

6. Refresh your kitchen color

Add colors! Add more paintings to the walls, update the color of your kitchen by adding more bright and pleasant colors, create a new atmosphere. You can also paint different parts of your renovated kitchen in different colors - this will make it more cheerful and bright, your children will love it. Paint is a cheap pleasure, so it won't hit your budget in the least, but using it well can help you increase the overall value of your home.

7. Install new lighting options

While the lighting in your kitchen may be small, it still plays an important role in terms of safety, comfort and warmth. There are plenty of options for setting lighting in a modern kitchen, you can also use innovative switches that respond to movement, voice or pops. It is worth remembering the fact that the right lighting brings joy and happiness.

8. Add decorative elements

Installation of decor elements in the interior of your kitchen is a creative and interesting Part. In general, it can be a simple shelf, at the level of your eyes, on which a picture or a living plant or something else will soon be placed. You can also install a small touch screen there, which will display relevant information, for example, recipes for cooking for the evening etc.

9. Expand your kitchen area, tear down the walls!

In older kitchens, the main problem was the lack of work space, so you should think about demolishing a non-load-bearing wall for the benefit of your kitchen. Only it is imperative to demolish a non-existent wall, if you doubt that you have it just like that, then consult an architect. The demolition of the walls will not only expand the kitchen area, but also open it up for all other rooms in the house.

By following these simple tips, you can easily update your old kitchen, add many new goodies there, as well as make it more convenient, modern and cozy. You can, of course, not use all 9, but each of them is aimed at saving the budget and getting the most out of it.

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