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How to choose the best color for the exterior of your House?

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Summer is the ideal time of year to renew the paint of our home or business establishment.

The main reason for that during the months of summer the climate is much drier, which favors a shorter drying time for any paint.

With the sun and good weather the small flaws that may arise in the Exterior of our house will be more visible, so it is also the best time to paint these home exterior walls.

Before Deciding from a wide range of paints online, it is convenient to take into account few factors such as, what color will be the most appropriate or what is the style of the property.

We say that for taste the colors and this is true, but when we want to choose the exterior colors we must have to attend different issues such as the style of the house and above all, the environment fluctuation.

It is important not to select a tone that is out of tune with the enclave in which the house is located, the mimicry of the construction is a much more important issue than you might think at first.

One of the tips that we can offer you to help you choose the most convenient color is that you make a classification of the colors based on tones. We want to share some of the current trends for exterior colors with you.

1. Natural tones: They tend to fit very well with rustic-style houses, since they also allow to achieve a blend with the environment in rural areas. We are talking about earth, brown or ochre colors that combine very well with materials such as wood. An interesting option is to choose a color and paint the different elements with a dark tone and a lighter one of that same color.

2. Neutral colors: They are usually used in the most modern constructions and the palette includes white, black and all gray scale tones. It is a safe bet, since they are not too risky.

3. Muted tones: When the bright colors seem excessive, we can choose one of them and apply a more matte finish, like aged. In this way we are able to give color to the house, but without marrying the view.

4. Vibrant tones: The most common is not to use them for the entire facade, but to combine them with other more natural or neutral elements. They are very useful to emphasize a specific part of the construction and Exterior of your Home.

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