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What is Turnkey Project in Construction?

Before we go to the main topic, let’s just clear the concept, what is a design? Well, you may have heard a lot of philosophies about design like it is a decorative pattern, or a drawing produced to show the looks, etc. To be honest none of it is wrong or creates a wrong sense in any way. For an architect and an interior designer though, design is more of a solution to a problem, now the problem, specifically in this scenario is how the client wants their structure to be in terms of look, atmosphere, comfort, and a whole lot of other factors. It is the responsibility of the architect and the best interior designers to create the solution keeping in mind the client’s perspective.

Now if we come to the main topic, what is a Turnkey project? Simply put, it is a process in which the client hands over all the responsibility to a single company/contractor like Faisal Associates. To elaborate on what’s mentioned earlier, the client shares their view about the project, like how they want their project to be. Now of course not everyone is an expert in explaining their views, that’s where our best architects in Lahore come in, they create a plan according to the client’s perspective, and check with the client as if this is what they want? After selecting the plan the client leaves the rest to us. Now what we mean by “they leave the rest to us”, all the details and scope of the work are shared between the client and the company in the beginning, rates are also pre-fixed so that the client can get an estimate of the total amount to be spent on the project. Now with the scope and pricing already being taken care of, the client can just sit back and relax while the project of their dreams comes to life.

After everything has been finalized we start doing our part by selecting the best real estate location, keeping in mind the provided budget, our architects layout the construction plan and our contractors supervise the construction process from the start to the end, which includes a selection of the building material, construction material, lighting, etc. After the structure has been erected our best interior designers in Lahore select the best interior furnishings for the project. Now the best part about this Turnkey model is that if you are an inexperienced person in the field of construction with no knowledge or information whatsoever about it, our best architects in Lahore and the best interior designers are here for your assistance, and to take care of it for you.

For those of you who still don’t understand what a turnkey project means, another simple concept is that Faisal Associates hands over the key of the project to the client after completing it according to the client’s vision & requirement within the stipulated time schedule and budget.

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